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Workplace Violence

Workplace ViolencePlan. Prevent. Respond. Violence in the workplace has many forms ranging from verbal confrontation and sexual harassment to threatening statements, physical assault or even homicide. Employers and supervisors are often targeted by disgruntled employees, plus most workplace violence incidents aren’t bound by geographic, social or economic barriers.

Fortunately, preventing workplace violence is possible.  Experts agree workplace violence is a predictable behavior – if you know the warning signs!

Is your company prepared to detect and respond to those signs?

Comprehensive Planning and Prevention Strategies.

  • A proactive approach that places the emphasis on helping you and your employees recognize and respond to threats long before they can turn into a crisis situation.
  • A careful, guided process of planning for and preventing workplace violence.
  • Designed to help identify your risks and liabilities and the steps required to minimize them.
  • Design and delivery of a comprehensive training programs to help employees recognize potential workplace violence situations and corresponding procedures to implement if something occurs.
  • Assistance with a single facility or fully develop company-wide processes and procedures.

As necessary, we also provide temporary supplemental security to help mitigate the risk associated with termination and discipline problems, threats, interpersonal conflicts, downsizing, layoffs, domestic incidents and stalking.

Whether you need a workplace violence planning, Huffmaster is dedicated to Keeping Business in Business™ and can provide comprehensive planning and support services.

Start Planning Now

Prevention & Planning Services

  • Threat Assessment: From surveys to needs analysis to risk analysis, we help assess your current situation, evaluate your preparedness and identify gaps and risks.
  • Plan Development: We transition your requirements into a step-by-step plan of action covering policy development, reporting, threat analysis and the Threat Response Matrix system.
  • Training: Based on an Executive Brief that outlines your plan, we train your employees to recognize warning signs and how to respond to dangerous situations.

Response Services

  • Termination Support: We provide tools to identify the potential threat level of an employee who is being terminated as well as protection options for individuals with high-threat risk. Huffmaster also has a detailed Termination Support program which you can review by navigating to the page or by clicking on the link.
  • Threat Response: We analyze a threat to determine its viability and provide personal and facility protection and surveillance on the subject to aid in early warning and threat assessment.
  • Violence Response: Huffmaster provides temporary supplemental facility security to make your return to normal operations faster and easier.

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