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Employee Theft Investigation with Huffmaster’s Protective Services

When owning a business, conducting a workplace investigation may be an unavoidable part of the job. On-the-job theft is a serious and costly problem. Though most management teams and business owners are naive to the fact that employees may be stealing, when money or materials go missing – an employee theft investigation may be necessary.

The best way to avoid an employee theft investigation is to proactively acknowledge that stealing is a real problem at businesses, both big and small. In fact, the U.S Chamber of Commerce estimates that the average company will lose 5 percent of its annual revenue as a result of employee fraud. Furthermore, it is estimated that 75 percent of employees will steal from their employers at least once in their adult life. The majority of these people will commit this offense more than once.

It is important for business owners and management teams to work hard in stopping theft that will lead to an employee theft investigation. An important first step is to understand that employee theft is a large and growing problem. Additionally, it’s crucial to frequently discuss your location’s employee theft policies with staff members. Though these reminders often will not stop a thief, it is important that staff members understand the consequences of their actions.

Some myths that should be considered are:

  • Company executives and high-paid staff members are more trustworthy
  • Holiday help and short-term employees are more likely to steal
  • Small items, such as office supplies, are the only items stolen from the workplace
  • Shoplifting costs outweigh the costs associated with employee theft
  • Employee theft will happen no matter what security solutions are in place

Business owners must be intuitive to their staff in order to ensure employee theft does not become a serious problem. If you suspect that employee theft is an issue at your location, Huffmaster can provide an employee theft investigation.

Our team can conduct an employee theft investigation with the following methods:

  • Interviews and interrogations
  • Surveillance
  • Covert cameras
  • Undercover operatives

Allowing employee theft to continue under your radar can be a very costly problem. If you are interested in identifying thefts at your organization and would like to know more about our employee theft investigation services, contact us today.

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