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Engineering Value

Most would agree that in our modern society, technology plays an important role.  Yet more traditional and conventional wisdom espouses that you can never replace people in a complex security environment.  If both of these statements are true, why should you turn to Huffmaster?

Consider the full spectrum of security needs:


A   ——————————————————————————–Z

On-Site Officers                                                                          No On-Site Officers

No Technology                                                                            Only Technology


Can a typical guard agency provide you a “Z” solution…one with NO on-site guards?   Huffmaster does.  Our VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer provides options with NO on-site presence.

Huffmaster offers you the full spectrum of protective services.  Few, if any, offer this complete range.  With over 50 years of experience, here a few other examples of value engineering provided by Huffmaster:

Project Management – We start each new account with a Comprehensive Needs Analysis and/or a Security Vulnerability Assessment to help guide the selection of an appropriate solution to fit our customer’s protective service needs.

Impact Oriented Training – Our employees are put through a wide variety of customized training that is designed to affect their behavior.  The results are skill sets that are demonstrated every day, not simply a roster of classes attended.

Integration of Technology – Huffmaster is so conversant with technology that it offers solutions that require NO on-site presence.  Not only is technology used directly to provide customers solutions, technology helps Huffmaster manage and optimize its service and quality staffing models for all our customers.

Dedicated Staffing – Unlike the volume guard companies that boast large staffing pools from which they schedule their accounts, Huffmaster customers are provided with dedicated staffing.  Each location is assigned a dedicated supervisor and a complement of officers hand-picked specifically for their assignment.   That means that you have confidence in knowing you will see the same officers protecting your facility day in and day out.

Unmatched Retention – The security industry has been plagued with turnover consistently in the 200-300 percent range!  Selecting the right people, paying significant wages and offering industry leading benefit programs are the key to retention.  Huffmaster’s approach yields one tenth of the industry average in turnover!

Remote Management – The combination of a dedicated staffing model and technology integration led to an industry leading approach to managing our system of national accounts.  This model has eliminated the traditional network of costly offices and ineffective pools of guards assigned to customer accounts. Huffmaster’s model remains focused on specific customer needs rather than mass recruiting and scheduling.  Innovation brings uncertainty but this system has proven itself.  In the first quarter of a million man-hours, we experienced only 45 minutes of uncovered time!  Nearly eight years later, Huffmaster has never lost an account to failed service delivery or dissatisfaction.

National Command Center – The heart of our Virtual Security Officer Program is our VirSEC Operations Center.  This technology hub also serves as a 24/7 National Command Center for all Huffmaster accounts.  The VirSEC Operations Center is also designed to function as an Emergency Operations Center under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) and is available to customers as well should that need arise.

Accessible Management – Large volume guard companies have experienced management but are challenged to make it accessible to site supervisors or even customers.  Huffmaster has designed its management structure to focus on accessibility and interaction.  In contrast to most large competitors, Huffmaster Account Managers are assigned ½ the volume billable hours to manage.  This permits weekly communications with EVERY supervisor and complete accessibility by customers.  Account Executives participate in many of these calls and visit every site at least bi-annually.  Beginnings this year, Site Supervisors are now participating in training conducted at Huffmaster’s Corporate Headquarters to better orient then to management.

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