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May Webinars

Huffmaster is offering three webinars at the end of this month.

MAY 30 – 2pm-3pm EST – Seven Key Elements Your Security Program Must Have

As global and customer pressure forces you to streamline your costs, there is little or no  margin to absorb the cost of systemic loss due to organized theft, embezzlement or conversion of your assets. This one hour webinar identifies the seven key elements your security program must have to ensure that losses are controlled or quickly identified and managed. Attendees at this program will leave with a yardstick against which to measure your own security program and leverage the gaps for budgetary and organizational enhancements.

Michael Saad is a thirty year seasoned security professional and former Director of Security for Allied Signal, Assistant Vice President of Risk Management for Aetna, and former Director of Security for Sprint Communications. Michael brings you his years of executive experience in designing and implementing global security programs.

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MAY 31 – 12pm-1pm EST – Virtual Security – Making Technology Work With Your Security Officers

The practice of Remote Managed Security is quickly working its way into mainstream program.  The budgetary pressures felt at all levels are forcing decision makers to adopt new and more innovative solutions.  A Virtual Security Officer is a more than just a practical reality; you may soon find them a necessity!

While it is true that huge budget saving can be realized using Virtual Officers, many security programs cannot be completely replaced by virtual programs.  Often, the answer is not choosing one or the other, it is a combination.  This session focuses on how to harmonize virtual technology with existing officers.  By strategically integrating on-site officers with virtual officers, you get the cost savings without sacrificing human contact.

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MAY 31 – 1:30pm-2:30pm EST – Virtual Security – The Choice Between All Or Nothing

Guards can be an effective component to a many security programs.  The problem is frequently their cost.  The result is companies often wait until there is a dramatic need before they justify this significant expense.  The result is a perception that security is either “On” or “Off”.

Technology has progressed to a level that provides businesses additional options.   Virtual Security Officers can now provide many of the functions that previously were only able to be done by on-site guards.   The result is options bridging the gap of “ON/Off” or the “All or Nothing” limits of on-site guards.  This session highlights the capabilities and practical application of Remote Managed Security through Virtual Security Officers.

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