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On-Site Services

Huffmaster has a 50-year history of providing a comprehensive array of protective services.  Most of these services have traditionally been viewed as a physical presence of security personnel.   While most would agree that actual protection requires a physical presence, it is equally correct that today’s technology certainly can reduce the numbers of personnel required to be effective.   Huffmaster offers the complete and integrated spectrum of people and technology.  Click on any of the links below to learn more details about our protective services…

Uniformed Security Officers

In the 21st century, corporate security continues to evolve in scope and complexity. As threats of violence, terrorism, high-tech crime and other security risks have grown, so has the sophistication of the processes and technology required to mitigate these threats. The role of uniformed security officers has never been more critical or more demanding. Click here for more info.

Plain Clothes Security Officers

In many corporate settings, customers desire a “softer” or less militaristic looking uniform.   Where permissible under licensing statutes, Huffmaster provides such options.  In these instances, Uniformed Officers are attired in more traditional business apparel, most commonly, a blazer. Click here for more info.

Executive Protection

Kidnapping, stalkers, and terrorism have evolved into daily fears for executives, dignitaries, celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Living a high profile lifestyle creates risk. Huffmaster focuses on minimizing that risk. Huffmaster starts by managing this risk and training key personnel to better participate in their personal protection by implementing security and safety procedures designed to deter attackers. Click here to learn more.

Penetration Testing (RED TeamTM)

Penetration testing is an important activity for both our customers and ourselves.  This is a great way to truly test the strength of a security program.  These audits are beneficial for not only identifying weaknesses, but also guiding necessary areas for improvement and training. Click here for more info.


Every year, thousands of companies go out of business due to avoidable employee theft, vandalism, lawsuits brought on by employee behaviors and other internal factors. Many of those failed companies  neglected to find the time or resources to investigate fraudulent activities before they impacted their customers, employees and ultimately their viability. Click here to learn more.





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