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Executive Protection (Armed & Unarmed)

Kidnapping, stalkers, and terrorism have evolved into daily fears for executives, dignitaries, celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Living a high profile lifestyle creates risk. Huffmaster focuses on minimizing that risk. Huffmaster starts by managing this risk and training key personnel to better participate in their personal protection by implementing security and safety procedures designed to deter attackers.

Huffmaster’s executive protection services are designed to proactively identify threats. Once identified, all reasonable efforts are taken to avoid the threat. When circumstances dictate action, our highly trained executive security operatives will counter that threat and immediately move our clients away from the area to avoid further conflict. Huffmaster’s Executive Protection services are available for long-term, short-term and event-specific contract duration.

Threat Assessment & Evaluation
Huffmaster’s security specialists have the training and expertise to evaluate your existing program and make recommendations for program changes and enhancements in view of your current and future threat potential.

Planning Services

Huffmaster’s specialized services are designed to proactively identify and resolve potential security issues and eliminate threats. Our experts will customize a security service plan to fit each client with the flexibility to integrate these services into a larger security program.

Training Services

Training and awareness are crucial to providing personal protection to high-profile individuals, their staff and families. Huffmaster gives instruction and information to increase the odds of survival in cases of personal attack, kidnapping, bombing, hijacking, crowd control, or any of a number of threatening situations.

Executive Protection Services

Huffmaster’s executive protection services place teams of expert personal protection specialists on the job to protect corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, foreign royalty and political dignitaries (and their families) both domestically and while traveling internationally. Team Members are trained to be proficient in:

  1. Advance Surveys
  2. Executive Protocol
  3. Escape and Evasive Driving
  4. Electronic Security
  5. Surveillance Techniques
  6. Counter Surveillance
  7. Unarmed Defensive Tactics
  8. Basic Combat Shooting
  9. Combat Handgun Tactics

Travel Advisory Services

Huffmaster’s executive protection professionals keep your at-risk individuals informed and aware of potential threats as they travel both domestically and internationally. From hazardous weather reports to high-level security alerts, Huffmaster stays aware of this essential information that makes critical decisions possible.


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