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Penetration Testing (Red Team)

Penetration testing is an important activity for both our customers and ourselves.  This is a great way to truly test the strength of a security program.  These audits are beneficial for not only identifying weaknesses, but also guiding necessary areas for improvement and training.

How secure are your security programs? Your security program stays effective based on the policies, procedures and people implementing and enforcing it. Huffmaster’s Readiness Evaluation Drills or RED Team™ security audits provide an independent means to conduct realistic penetration testing of your security programs while simultaneously heightening the awareness of your security personnel. We offer a diverse brand of programs designed to address the level of sensitivity and risk associated with a facility.

SecurCHECK™ provides you with a cost-effective solution to passively test your security programs to ensure they properly keep your employees and assets safe and protected. By preventing access by unwanted visitors, your company can avoid theft, confrontations and even a potential workplace violence incident. Surveillance, research and pretext strategies are combined to determine how much intelligence can be gathered on a facility without inside assistance. Then, the acquired information is used to conduct passive intrusion attempts and identify any significant vulnerabilities.

SecurTEST™ utilizes more concerted efforts to breach your company’s security measures by the exploitation of the weaknesses uncovered through a SecurCHECK™. Basically, Huffmaster’s operatives will physically test the security measures such as entering your facility, withdrawing products and other similar tests to evaluate security concerns which extend beyond basic access control – such as possible product tampering or sabotage. Huffmaster also can structure the SecurTEST™ to evaluate the effectiveness of common security program elements across multiple sites, which allows you to establish a consistent baseline comparison for multiple facilities.

SecurX™ implements more advanced and aggressive techniques and tactics to provide realistic evidence of your total security program’s overall effectiveness. SecurX™ plays a valuable role in security planning when your facility or operation requires a high level of security. You should consider this essential program especially if your corporation has a heightened risk of bio-terrorism, a Homeland Security concern or regulatory requirements for assessments.

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