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Uniformed Officer (Armed & Unarmed)

With the rising rates of violence and terrorism over the years, the need for security patrol is higher than it’s ever been. Major corporations and small businesses have begun to take the required precautions to keep their business and employees safe. By having an onsite uniformed security officer you will save your company the risk of being vandalized or broken into. But hiring the right company is a critical step.

At Huffmaster, we ensure that each uniformed security guard is properly trained and goes through a thorough background check. Each guard is trained in protective services and the unique security systems we provide to ensure your company receives the best security required to keep you safe. At Huffmaster, we can customize our guards training sessions and provide them with specialized skills to meet your company’s needs.

Think having a uniformed security guard is a wasted cost? Aside from the added protection, there are many benefits to having a uniformed security guard on staff. Benefits to having a uniform security guard are as follows:

  • Risk of intrusion is reduced as potential thieves will think twice before breaking in.
  • Your staff receives a sense of security.
  • Uniformed security guards provide active prevention of a future break-in.
  • Guards can act as additional customer support as they can answer questions from visitors.
  • Actively monitor and patrol an area, company or event from any threat that many occur.
  • If a threat does occur, onsite uniformed security can reactively handle the situation.
  • An onsite guard can proactively respond to a situation before a threat takes place.

Our commitment to our uniform security officers provides you with a more experienced, skilled and reliable team of career security professionals, who remain loyal to the Huffmaster brand and contribute to the lowest turnover rate in the security industry. For more information about uniform security at Huffmaster, please contact us today. That’s Huffmaster…That’s Business Secured at a Higher Level!

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