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Preventing WorkPlace Violence

Though most business owners will consider their company a safe and danger-free location, the threat of workplace violence is real. To ignore the possibility of workplace violence is irresponsible and potentially hazardous to the safety of your business, personnel and customers. The key is to proactively stop workplace violence before it happens, rather than simply reacting to it once it begins.

At Huffmaster, we understand the steps required to proactively eliminate the threat of workplace violence. Places of business run the risk of a variety of threats including verbal confrontation, sexual harassment, threatening statements and even homicide. Our comprehensive planning and prevention strategies have been utilized by a large assortment of companies and have aided with eliminating risks and liabilities in order to minimize them.

Our team of workplace violence consultants has the experience to recognize the predictable behaviors associated with disgruntled employees. With this knowledge, we will work with each client to educate them on these behaviors. We have the ability to construct a preventative plan for business of any size. We have worked with single-facility companies as well as multiple building companies.

In the situation that your business has not taken preventative measures and workplace violence occurs – Huffmaster can assist with temporary supplemental security to ensure your company’s safety while the threat is resolved.

For more information about our workplace violence preventative plans or our other protective services, please contact us today.


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