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Huffmaster Business Secured at a Higher Level

A virtual security firm in Troy reduces crime and saves money

Not long ago, Art Van Furniture in Warren would follow a simple – yet time-consuming and expensive – routine: Every time one of its locations hosted a tent sale, the furniture and furnishings had to be transferred between…Continue Reading

Protecting Staff with Office Security

Office managers may think that office security is not necessary. Because they don’t handle the constant traffic of customers and outsiders, they believe that the location is safeguarded from threat. Additionally, when companies are experiencing financial difficulties, office…Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has caused unprecedented damage. If your power is out and your security cameras, alarms or access control systems are down, Huffmaster can deploy security officers to your area. Huffmaster Business Continuity and Crisis Response officers can be…Continue Reading

On Site Security To Keep Your Location Safe

For some business owners, security is a neglected necessity. Many believe that security simply isn’t affordable, especially those operating a small business. Luckily, on site security through Huffmaster can be more affordable than you may think. At Huffmaster,…Continue Reading

October Webinars

Virtual Security – Making Technology Work With Your Security Officers October 25th – 12pm-1pm EST The practice of Remote Managed Security is quickly working its way into mainstream program.  The budgetary pressures felt at all levels are forcing decision…Continue Reading

Employee Theft Investigation with Huffmaster’s Protective Services

When owning a business, conducting a workplace investigation may be an unavoidable part of the job. On-the-job theft is a serious and costly problem. Though most management teams and business owners are naive to the fact that employees…Continue Reading

Healthcare Security

There are a many industries that require security solutions within their location. Each location has unique security risks. Because of this, implementing the proper security solution is imperative to safeguard your business. It can be particularly difficult to…Continue Reading

Preventing WorkPlace Violence

Though most business owners will consider their company a safe and danger-free location, the threat of workplace violence is real. To ignore the possibility of workplace violence is irresponsible and potentially hazardous to the safety of your business,…Continue Reading

Full-Service Security Solutions

There are countless security providers in the world; however, few can fulfill every security need presented by your business. At Huffmaster, we are a full-service security solutions provider. Our team is prepared to create a security plan that…Continue Reading

May Webinars

Huffmaster is offering three webinars at the end of this month. MAY 30 – 2pm-3pm EST – Seven Key Elements Your Security Program Must Have As global and customer pressure forces you to streamline your costs, there is…Continue Reading

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