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Virtual Services

Remote Managed Virtual Security provides a variety of remote video security services that replace many of the duties of on-site officers.  A Huffmaster Virtual Security Officer can be assigned as your Virtual Security Officer. Flexible programs range from occasional access checks to dedicated monitoring.  Several remote video services are advanced and applicable to critical infrastructure.  Others are basic, cost savings tools.  Virtual Security provides solutions for everyone.

Virtual Patrols – Virtual Security is much more than responding to events.  Huffmaster’s Virtual Security Officers are proactive.  Virtual Patrols conducted by our officers use the same prevention-minded approach as a conventional on-site guard would use at much lower costs. For more information, Click here.

Virtual Security Escort – Are your employees uneasy about leaving alone at night?  Give them the confidence of knowing their concerns have been addressed.  Virtual Security Escort allow a Huffmaster Virtual Security Officer to scan the lot before your employees exit and the Virtual Security Officer remains “with” them until they are safely on their way.  Click here for more information.

Remote Intervention – Using speakers, strobe-lights and other remotely-triggered devices, a Virtual Security Officer can prevent a loss rather than simply observe and report.  Click here for more information about intervention.

Combined with Guards – Using the most contemporary Virtual Security Officers teamed with highly capable on-site Officers, Huffmaster provides the most efficient and cost effective security systems. Click here for more information.

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