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Virtual Escorts

Many businesses require their employees to work at odd times or after hours. This reality can create a sense of uneasiness when a shift ends and it is late at night. In spite of caring about the well being of employees, it is hard to justify on-site security guards due to such a high costs. Huffmaster’s Virtual Security provides a simple and cost effective solution, the Virtual Security Escort.

Once an employee wants to leave the building, all he or she has to do is call the Huffmaster Virtual Security Operations Center. A Virtual Security Officer in the Center will check the area by camera. After confirming everything is clear, the Virtual Security Officer reports the findings back to the caller. From there, the employee may choose to remain on the line while being “escorted” to their car.

Virtual Security Officers are trained to be proactive. With this in mind, a Virtual Security officer will learn when Virtual Security Escorts are commonly requested and ensure those areas are clear in advance. By tasking Virtual Security Officers to regularly perform these proactive tasks, their situational awareness enhances the effectiveness of the escort.

Watch this video to see how a Virtual Security Escort by a Huffmaster Virtual Security Officer represents a cost effective way to enhance the personal safety of individuals exiting your facility.

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