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Virtual Patrols

Today’s technology permits almost anyone with an internet connection to do a remote video check on a camera system. The problem is will they understand what they should be looking for on the camera?

The key to maximizing this tool is in the training of the individual using the technology. Huffmaster’s Virtual Security Officers are licensed, trained security officers with experience providing traditional security services. This training and experience prepares them to identify even subtle indications of a problem on a camera view. You can clearly see the differences in the chart below:

Virtual Patrols are performed by licensed Security Officers trained in advanced techniques and tools in addition to the basics of security patrolling. Virtual Security Officers are specially trained to identify the signature behaviors of criminal activity. This specialized training makes a Virtual Security Officer far more effective in detecting and preventing a problem rather than just reacting to it after the fact.

Virtual Security Officers often achieve the same security and safety benefits associated with on site personnel, but at a fraction of the cost! Watch this video to learn more about Huffmaster’s Virtual Patrols

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